(( Irl-feli-vargas:

You’re not bothering me sweety!!<33 Thankyou :3

10 random facts:

1. I KNOW YOU’VE HEARD THIS A MILLION TIMES but fucking roses<3 Single roses<3 Single red roses<3 Omfg

2. My full name is Eleanor (Ella is the nickname I’ve had since I was born xD)

3. I wear contact lenses with prescription everyday :3

4. My favourite shirt isn’t even mine xD

5. According to my boyfriend, I eat chocolate fingers in a very peculiar manner because I’m a wonderful freak (But HIS wonderful freak and weirdo<3 )

6. I was originally gonna cosplay England and not Italy, but changed my mind because of my love of Italian culture~

7. I have a cat called Georgie who we took in as a stray~

8. I stick my tongue out when I’m concentrating

9. I bite my nails and lips when I’m nervous, stressed or scared.

10. I like my steak medium rare ;D <3

About half of these are from what my boyfriend prompted me xD <3 

*Boyfriend mentions about steak. Boyfriend is vegetarian xD *))